Events Survey

Summary of the AONE Events Survey Results

By John DeWaele
AONE Events Chairman

The recent events survey sent to our members yielded some interesting comments and suggestions. From a membership of approximately 250, 44 members offered their comments on past and future events.

One of the most interesting categories is Autocross Events. About two years ago, we organized an autocross at Thompson Speedway (on a section of the old road course), with just a very few members showing up to compete. In the survey, 32 members said that they would be interested in competing in the future. We understand that there may be a few new members contributing to this increase in interest, but nonetheless the numbers were surprising, and uplifting for future events. Also, the feedback from those who competed probably added to the increase in interest.

Tech Sessions were high on a few members' lists. We're very fortunate to have our day with the guys at Paul Glynn's shop each year and hope to expand these sessions in the future. Suggestions are always appreciated! If anyone knows a restoration/tuning shop whose owner would be interested, please let us know.

Tours/Gimmick Rallies seem to be the most popular event we run. There is interest in getting back to the basics on these events, meaning no googling for answers, no backtracking, and keeping a time limit. This has been discussed and may vary from one event to another just to mix things up. The overall attraction to this type of event is the touring and the scenery, mixed in with a bit of competition.

25 members did show interest in TSD (Time, Speed and Distance) Rallies. These rallies have minimal instructions and are without questions — just a bit challenging and a lot of fun! Years ago, these were by far the most popular type of rally. This type of rally is also very time consuming to plan and layout. I think our resident rally master would like to have some sort of commitment before jumping into a TSD.

Cars and Coffee – lots of interest. Probably best to piggyback this type of event with other clubs, locations etc. Last summer's Italian Car Nights at the Stow Airport were very popular and hopefully will be held again next summer. Again, suggestions are always appreciated.

Also mentioned were Caravans to Lime Rock, the Hemmings Show in September, and museum visits. Other suggestions were to "bring back the Pig Roast" and "find a clubhouse with a liquor license".

When asked what inspires members to get the ol' Alfa out on the road, the answers were basically all of the above.

Also, when asked what we could do to get members to events, the answers were very positive in that we are doing all the right things but "life" gets in the way of many members and keeps them from attending — understood! Another answer that we all anticipated and understand is the distance many members live from the events. We have had events in MA, CT, RI and ME in the last couple of seasons but we do need members in faraway locations to plan the events. Driving from RI or MA out to the North Country numerous times to plan an event is just not feasible. I am confident that a well-planned event will draw members from AONE as well as the CT and NY chapters. I'm sure that any member who has run an event in the past would lend plenty of advice and guidance.

All-in-all, the survey was well-received and did give us a lot to go on as we plan and look forward to the coming season.

In closing, I want to thank all those who responded, and appeal to those who have not joined us for an event in the past to please join us in the near future. It's always fun to meet members for the first time and check out their Alfas (and yes, there are those interesting "lesser cars" that do appear on occasion). But frankly, these events do require a lot of time to set up and run, and a light showing may discourage others from running an event of their own. We all know that life does have a habit of getting in the way, but mark an event on your AONE calendar and give the ol' steed a wash! Come out and join us — you won't regret it!

Thanks to everyone who planned and ran our 2013 events! I had a blast!

See you on the open road!Tiny Quadrifoglio

Events Survey