AROC Convention Here?

The AROC National Convention Returns to New England?

They’re coming back!  Yeah, we know that “they” have said it before, but this time it looks like it just may happen!

So, in the spirit of the return of Alfa Romeo to the good ol’ USA (and hopefully Canada), as well as the resurrection and redesign of the famous and historic Thompson Speedway, a bunch of us Alfisti are thinking, “What a great time for a National Convention in New England!”

As many of our members know, an event of this size requires dedicated people — a lot of dedicated people. So the purpose of this notice is to find out if we have the interest and commitment from the membership (notice the word ‘commitment’)!

The good news is: This convention, planned for June of 2015, will be co-hosted by the Connecticut, New York and New England Chapters! Approximately 15 members from the three chapters have already formed somewhat of an advance team. We have visited three convention centers and are awaiting proposals. We have had extensive talks with the ever-enthusiastic Jon Hoenig from Thompson Speedway, who is absolutely thrilled with the idea of an Alfa Invasion to help kick off the speedway’s brand-new road course.

We have several chairs filled: registration, housing and advertising. We have some commitments for the speed events, and our Rally Master, Tom (Let’s Tour Now) Letourneau, already has two rallies laid out. We will need many people on-site during the convention, as well as some behind the scenes prior to the event — program and awards design and production, T-shirt design and production, and the list goes on and on …

Although we have already made some headway, we are in more of a research mode than a planning mode. As I stated above, this event needs people with a strong desire for it to happen and be a great success. We need 40-50 people who can commit to an event team or help out at one of the events on the day. One of our goals is to limit the time each team member spends on an event or task so that everyone gets to spend a lot of time participating at the events or relaxing with Alfa owners from near and far. The more people we get, the less time each person will spend on a task.

Without a committed team, this event will not go forward.

This convention, like previous events, will include a track day, autocross, two rallies, a welcome reception, day tours for non-speed event folks, a Friday night barbecue and swap meet, as well as a concours d’elegance, tech sessions, vendors, and a Saturday night banquet, wrapping up Sunday with an awards brunch.

Just picture walking out to the parking lot into a sea of Alfas from all over the US and Canada. It can happen — we just need you to jump on board! We might even see some factory involvement!

If producing this convention looks feasible, we will have to submit a full proposal to the National Board in CA this July. Please contact me with your intent to be involved and what area suits your skills and/or interest. Let’s make this happen!

Thank you,

John DeWaele
AONE Events Chairman

CT – Frank LaSala -
NY – Fred Frey -

AROC Convention Here?