Macchine Italiane

— parte TRE

Photos mainly by Tom Ducibella

In April, Tom Ducibella and his brother participated in Steve Austin's "Guys Only Car Tour", which was a mind-expanding mélange of memorable macchine. The Tour included two Porsche museums, major Audi & BMW assembly plants, BMW new car display headquarters, Red Bull Museum, Museo Ferrari (Maranello), Museo Casa Ferrari, Maserati collection, Pagani showroom/assembly works, Monza racetrack, and cheese & balsamic works. Unfortunately, the Alfa museum was still closed. The assembly plant tours understandably did not allow photos.

In order to keep the number of photos for Velo "under control", only Italian cars are included here. However, all of the other venues were equally fascinating from historical, technological, and architectural points of view (most museums are architecturally avant-garde). Steve Austin runs this tour every other year and does other tours, including Goodwood Festival (see Steve Austin's web site).

As an added extra, the final four photos were contributed by Peter Walker from his recent stay in Italy.

You may recall that last year Tom treated us to another set of photos from Italy, quickly followed by a set from member Douglas Fields. Check out the 2012 Parte Uno and Parte Due.Tiny Quadrifoglio


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Macchine Italiane