Macchine Italiane

— parte unO

Text and photos by Tom Ducibella

Italy, June, 2012.  After a few days in Venice and a 200-mile bike tour in the Italian Dolomite mountains (on the Austrian border), Angela and I rented a Fiat Brava and visited Ferrara, Ravenna, Padova, and Bologna, which are all famous historical sites (some by car, others by train from Ferrara). Included below are some photos of a variety of Italian wheels. Most of the models can be deduced from the badging. But some photos bring up questions, such as:

  • Why are the Carabinieri driving a Fiat and the local Polizia driving a hot new Alfa?

  • For all of you Italian car buffs, why is the statue of Neptune in Bologna included with the auto stuff?

  • Here's an easy one: Why no Alfa photos from Venice?

  • Why no red cars?

Even I can't answer all of these...................Tiny Quadrifoglio

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Macchine Italiane