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Address: 410 Cambridge Street

Address: Allston, MA

Phone: 617-783-3078


Contact: Giovanni Tartaglia

Type: Repair/Service, Performance, Restoration


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This memorandum will share with other AONE members my experience with Motorsport, Ltd. of Allston, MA and the substantial work on my 1972 GTV 2000 that I had done there. I purchased the car in June 2008 and had Motorsport rebuild the brakes, replace hoses, tune the engine and go over the car generally. I was satisfied with their work and so reported in AONE’s Service Directory in 2008. During that review I was advised that there was rust in the rocker panels that should be addressed in the future. I put that work off for over a year while driving the car.

Although I have previously owned both Italian and English sports cars, this GTV 2000 was my first Alfa Romeo. The car was advertised, as usual, as “rust free, always garaged, not driven in winter, etc.” I purchased several Alfa books and learned that Alfas do not have frames but get their strength from 3 rocker panels on each side of the car. I also learned that these panels are very susceptible to rust and that you must cut open the outer panels to see the extent of any rust problems you may have.

I took the car to Motorsport, Ltd. in November 2009 and asked the owner, Giovanni Tartaglia to cut open the outer panels and give me a report on the extent of the work needed. To my dismay Giovanni reported that the rust on both sides of the car was extensive and that the outer and middle panels on each side of the car would have to be replaced. He thought that the inner panels could be repaired by cutting out the rust and welding in new metal. Sections of the fenders on both sides would also have to be replaced and/or repaired. This work is difficult because the car must be supported while the panels on one side of the car are replaced and repaired before working on the other side.

Giovanni and his colleagues did an excellent job on the rocker panels. When the work was completed the bottom half of the car had to be repainted. I decided to have Motorsport repaint the entire car, except for the engine bay, trunk and door sills, in the same color. Motorsport workers did an excellent job of preparing the car and applying German paint in two stages (color then clear), wet sanding and buffing between stages. The finished product was first rate.

Giovanni is very knowledgeable about Alfas, as well as other Italian and German sports cars. His staff is friendly and helpful. On any visit to the shop you may see, in addition to Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Lancias, Lamborghinis, Porches, and other marques. Giovanni’s labor rates are competitive with other shops in the area and he has the ability to obtain parts for older Alfas. In summary, I can recommend Mortorsport, Ltd. to other AONE members who need either body or paint work, engine or transmission work, repair, restoration or simple servicing and maintenance on their Alfa. Be sure to deal with Giovanni directly. He is very friendly and helpful.

Phillip D. Bostwick
Cape Cod, MA
February 21, 2010

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